Here is my second gif animation. The first was so easy that I was lulled into thinking that I could make one in a few minutes. Not! After hours of fiddling I found out that CC Premier PhotoShop doesn’t have all the features of previous versions. And that GIMP cannot register multiple images to remove handheld shudder. And that neither can crop a finished gif. At least not that I could discover. If anyone knows how to add sound to a gif, please let me know. Enjoy!

January 28, 2016

  • mdvfunes

    Hey, Mark. I put your art on my couch: http://theds106shrink.tumblr.com/post/138484980507/art-on-the-couch-rides-again-inspired-by-john I hope you enjoy it! I love your gif!

  • I like it, so iconic of the dangers of the western landscape.

    I am not sure what “CC Premier PhotoShop” is, mine is “CC 2015” and is full featured. Not sure what you mean by cropping a finished GIF. If you work in photoshop, you create a PSD file and export the GIF; you can always crop.

    I often open GIFs in Photoshop, if you open the animation palette, you can see all the frames, add layers, etc. I often delete un-necessary frames form ones you download from the web, most have too many repeated frames. I have no problme cropping in an imported GIF, I then export as a new one.

    Keep on GIFfin’