Roadside sign in Arizona desert for The Thing.

The Thing – Another Roadside Attraction

President Donald John Trump - with text Super Callous, Fragile Sexist, Extra Braggadocious. Triple chins in ornate gilt frame.

Inauguration 2017

Today's Daily Create: Design your own road sign. Travel in peace from Tierra del Fuego to Invercargill.

Peace Highway

Upside down picture of the Andaluz Hotel lobby in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Upside down day!

Hail to our gracious sovereign Drumpf

Hail to our gracious sovereign, Drumpf

Happy Birthday ds106

Live as well as you can under the new Drumpf Reich: Apparently everyone with a good sense of history died last year!

New Year 2017

Shadow Government

Satelllite image of Newport Beach, California, with arrow pointing to where the famous "Wedge" waves form.

The Wedge

A picture of a desiccated rat on pavement with the caption "5 tips to stop consuming and start producing attributed to Terrance McKenna

Stop consuming and start producing