“This was also still in the latter stages of the various Wild West shows. And, of course, they were all about money in that field too. There were more spectators watching rodeo events and the Wild West shows than all other American pro sports combined. This included major league baseball.” From: “The Sewells of the Salmon River” By Mike Gould

“Bertha Blancett …is not only one of the greatest all-round horsewomen of the world, but the best all-round range woman America has produced. She had the remarkable distinction in 1916 of having come within one point of winning the all-round championship on both cowboys’ and cowgirls’ points, and would have done so, had not one of her horses in the relay race jumped the fence.” From “Let’er Buck, a Story of the Passing of the Old West” By Charles Wellington Furlong

“In 1929, the, “Rodeo Association of America,” was formed to try to bring the promoters and the rodeo organizers together. They sponsored about 50 rodeos across the country, and decided to award world championship titles to the high point earners in each of the rodeo events. Although there were many women competing in virtually all of the events at that time, the tragic death of Bonnie McCarroll changed everything on the professional level.”¬†From: “The Sewells of the Salmon River” By Mike Gould