I’m looking forward to participating in Ethics, Analytics and the Duty of Care cMOOC created by Stephen Downes.
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My learning philosophy in a graphic I created. Click for more.

AIRT is Scots Gaelic word meaning direction. It is also an acronym for Appreciate, Include, Reciprocate. and Trust.
AIRT is Scots Gaelic word meaning direction

I’m interested in connectivism, personal learning networks, graphing my learning – both formal and informal, FOSS, and heutagogy. A retired craftsman, with five decades of experience unrecognized by higher further education, I have taken dozens of online courses, accredited and not. I’m particularly interested in how working class people can document, organize, and present their informal learning for assessment and college credit.

Last summer I attended Drs. Mia Zamora and Maha Bali’s Digital Pedagogy Lab course to learn more about their work on open education, ethics, and care. I’m looking forward learning with all the participants, growing a learning network, and creating open educational resources to be remixed and reused by anyone interested in open access to education.